Our Policy :

  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees, our contractors, our customers & our neighbors
  • Maintaining the security of our people and assets
  • Protecting the environment

Initiatives taken by Prasol :

For the Environment
  • Effluent Treatment Program (E.T.P.) & Water Recycling Program to maintain a Zero Discharge Facility
  • Tree Plantation Drive through which it has planted over 100 trees in and around the factory premises
  • Installation of co-generators for the generation of electricity towards its ‘Go Green’ initiative
  • Building nests from waste to ensure biodiversity to keep with our initiative of Winged Wishes
For Health & Society
  • Regular health check-ups at its factory premises for employees
  • Opening soon a training center to provide a platform for locals to develop basic skills required in the industry.
  • Supports local schools & educational organizations through charities
For Safety
  • Training on First Aid & Health checks-ups are conducted in our factory premises frequently
  • Annual National Safety Day is celebrated in order to increase safety awareness amongst the employees
  • Promotes & encourages the use of personal protective equipment
  • Equipped with fully pressurized fire fighting system

The company complies with the conditions on the environment clearance obtained as per the EIA notification 2006.